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10 Bringing Up Bates Season 3 heartwarming moments that define family

The Bates family headed to the beach last night on Bringing Up Bates, and it was just another example of how important spending time together is for this family.

Here are our favorite family moments from Season 3 so far.

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1. Callie cries over Michaela

When Michaela was trying on her wedding dress for her sisters, Callie unexpectedly began crying because she was so sad that Michaela was leaving the family home. Her little tears definitely had me grabbing for a tissue.

2. Michaela makes blackberry cobbler

Right before Michaela tied the knot, she made her signature blackberry cobbler for the family. She was so good about getting the little ones involved, having them pick the blackberries and letting them measure out ingredients. And the whole family enjoyed the treat so gratefully that it was just fun to watch, even though I really wanted some too.

3. Candles become an excuse to talk sexy time

Michaela and her bridesmaids made candles for the wedding reception, but it became a good time for some girl talk. Specifically, about Michaela’s feelings about everything that would happen after the wedding. Michaela and Brandon didn’t even kiss until their wedding, so sex was a big topic that Erin and Carlin were very interested in discussing.

4. Brandon is introduced to the family

The older Bates boys took Brandon to an ice rink for some pre-wedding fun. Of course, it ended up with Brandon getting a nasty cut on his head just in time for his nuptials, but it was still a good time with the boys, and Brandon easily became part of the family.

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5. Gil’s reaction to Michaela on her wedding day

If you watch the show, then you know Bates father Gil doesn’t shy away from getting emotional. But the emotional moment that really struck a chord with me was when he talked to the cameras about what a beautiful bride Michaela was on her wedding day. Also, the scene where we got to see him watching her as she took photos in her wedding dress was definitely a tearjerker.

6. Carlin rearranges the Keilen home

Carlin definitely likes to be hands-on with her family and definitely isn’t shy with her opinions, so when newlyweds Brandon and Michaela needed some help with their small Chicago apartment, Carlin was there with some advice. Of course, she couldn’t get them to ditch the leopard-print chair but hey, she tried.

7. Judson gets a bike

This moment was less about Judson learning how to ride a bike and more about Nathan being a good big brother and helping Judson to get the confidence to take off his training wheels. Though Judson riding that bike was totally adorable too.

8. The daddy-daughter date

Gil took the youngest three girls, Addellee, Ellie and Callie, on a daddy-daughter date that was one to remember. Gil treated them like ladies should be treated, meaning later on in life, they’ll have good standards for finding a life partner.

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9. Chad supports Erin’s album

During the episode where we got to see Erin’s album come together, Chad was there the whole time, supporting her and encouraging her to follow her dreams. He was also taking care of their baby, too, and it was a great example of a married couple’s teamwork at play.

10. The beach day

Last, but not least, of course, was the beach day. Kelly Jo said it perfectly. “There is no way to describe how special you feel when you see any of your children taking the time to make another child feel special.” And that seems to be important to the Bates kids too. So bravo, Kelly Jo and Gil! They are clearly raising these kids with some good morals.

Which moment on Bringing Up Bates so far did you think was the most heartwarming?

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