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5 things Katy Perry & Orlando Bloom have in common

After being spotted together again and again over the last couple of months, Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom appear to officially be an item.

Katy likes how down-to-earth Orlando is,” an insider told E! News.” They seem to be getting serious and are an official couple. She calls him her boyfriend.”

To further cement rumors of their official couple status, Perry and Bloom were spotted holding hands together on a Hawaiian vacation.

At first glance, it may seem like Perry and Bloom make an unlikely couple. But a little digging reveals they actually have quite a bit in common that just might make them the perfect match. Here are five big things that make Perry and Bloom perfect for each other:

1. They both have troubled past love lives

Neither star has had any particularly long-lasting relationships, and they both have failed marriages. Perry was married to British comedian and actor Russell Brand from 2010 to 2012, and Bloom was hitched to model Miranda Kerr from 2010 to 2014. Since his split, Bloom has been linked to woman after woman, but never for any considerable length of time. Perry, on the other hand, has a long history of on-again, off-again dating with her ex, bad-boy musician John Mayer, with whom she reportedly remains close.

2. They’re both ridiculously good-looking

Need I say more?

3. They like the same things

The sheer number of times Perry and Bloom have been spotted at the same events suggests that they enjoy doing the same things. Among those: a number of Hollywood parties, dinners with other stars, an Adele concert and a play.

4. They both love kids

According to reports, Perry looks forward to being a mom one day.

“Katy would like kids one day, and she is vocal about that,” a source close to Perry told The Inquisitr. The same source revealed that Perry has already met Bloom’s son Flynn, whom he shares with Kerr, and the two get along great.

“She thinks he is so cute and such a well-behaved kid!” the insider gushed.

5. Bloom is definitely Perry’s type

He looks like John Mayer. He’s British like Russell Brand. Perry has a pattern of men she dates, and Bloom fits right in.

Do you think Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom will make a great couple? Sound off down in the comments.

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