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Duck Dynasty should stop pretending the Robertsons aren’t rich

Reality TV is not actually reality — at this point we all agree on that. But what I don’t understand is why producers of reality TV expect us to believe that our favorite stars aren’t actually rich. Especially the Robertsons from Duck Dynasty.

The entire premise of the show is businessmen who struck it rich manufacturing duck calls, but who didn’t move out of their hometown in Louisiana. The brothers still have the same interests they did before the business took off, but they certainly don’t have the same lifestyle. They’re multi-millionaires and everyone knows it. But as we watch the show, we are all supposed to magically forget that fact.

I just don’t understand the point.

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In Wednesday’s episode, Willie and Korie take their son John Luke and his wife to tour John Luke’s college campus. Since the 19-year-old is married, he wants to be able to live with his wife when he starts school. Obviously, the university will not allow for co-ed living in the dorms, so the young couple must figure out somewhere to live while they wait for their house to be built.

First, no average college freshman is building their first house. But more than that, it doesn’t make sense that this couple would spend time slumming it in the dorms if they didn’t have to.

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Willie’s solution to the young couple’s living situation is for John Luke and his wife to live in an RV parked on the lot of the house they are building.

I’m fully aware this family loves to camp and spend their time outdoors, but are we really supposed to believe the young couple isn’t going to temporarily rent a house or an apartment while their house is being built? And if that is in fact what the showrunners want us to believe, my question is: Why?

Is there a reason we’re supposed to forget these people are multi-millionaires?

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MTV producers did it during The Hills and it’s happening now with Duck Dynasty. It doesn’t make sense and it distracts from the plot of the show. Maybe it isn’t important, but I would get a lot more out of the show if they would acknowledge their financial situation and create story lines based on that instead of a fantasy that they’re just like everyone else.

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