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Amber Portwood’s fiancé says Gary Shirley is hungry for fame (VIDEO)

Amber Portwood’s fiancé has been accused of littering the landscape with scads of babies he doesn’t take care of, but now he is firing back — and he has nothing nice to say about Gary Shirley.

Shirley went on camera on Teen Mom earlier this season with documents purporting to prove that Portwood’s husband-to-be, Matt Baier, has at least seven children scattered around the country, none of whom he is supporting financially.

During an appearance on Dr. Drew, Baier immediately addressed the issue — and not surprisingly, he minced no words in calling out Shirley’s motivations.

“What do I think about what he said? I think he’s full of shit, to be honest with you,” Baier said in a preview clip for the show. “Anytime he opened his mouth.”

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Shirley claimed he only went public with the information he gathered was because he feared for the safety of his daughter, but Baier said that’s total BS.

“His motivation for doing what he did was not what he said. His motivation was different,” Baier argues in the preview. “If he had that motivation, he would have called her and said, ‘Hey, what’s going on with this?’ Instead, he purposely waited for the cameras.”

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Baier went on to justify his past behavior in a vague way.

“It was more shame on myself because those are really painful memories for me, so I kind of pushed them aside,” the contrite Boston native explains. “I think it gets made to be more seedy than it really was. Like, ‘He had children when he was younger, and he abandoned them and disappeared.’ That’s not what happened.”

Baier did clarify in an earlier interview that he has five children and three grandchildren.

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