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Ben Higgins admits he and his fiancée are working through issues

Monday’s episode of The Bachelor may have landed Ben Higgins in some hot water.

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Higgins has already revealed that he’s happily engaged after starring on ABC’s reality dating series. But his decision to say “I love you” to both of his finalists, Lauren Bushnell and JoJo Fletcher, is reportedly causing a rift between Higgins and whichever of the women became his fiancée.

In an interview with Us Weekly, Higgins opened up about how the show — and his ill-advised decision to profess his love to two different women — are affecting his relationship with his wife-to-be.

I’ve had tough conversations,” Higgins told Us Weekly at the filming of next week’s Women Tell All special episode. “I put her through hell and back.”

According to a source close to the show, Us Weekly reports, the idea that Higgins was also in love with someone else was “was a lot for [his fiancée] to take in.”

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But Higgins was quick to reassure his fans that they’re working through it, and their ups and downs are no different than those seen in any other relationship.

“We continue to move forward because we continue to communicate,” he said. “She’s been supportive and loving, and ultimately we’re going to get through it. We have gotten through it.”

Part of working through this particular issue means the winner of the show, whoever she may be, hasn’t been watching every episode of this season of The Bachelor.

“She’s seen a lot, but not a ton,” Higgins explained. “There’s moments where it’s like, ‘That sucks,’ and of course it does.”

Regardless of the stress on his relationship, Higgins said he’s happy and has no regrets about his time on The Bachelor.

“You can go back and regret things,” he said, “but it put me in a place now where I’m very happy.”

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Who do you think will be Higgins’ final pick on The Bachelor?

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