Christina Aguilera gets touchy with female super-fan on The Voice (VIDEO)

Mar 2, 2016 at 4:52 p.m. ET

Christina Aguilera made a fangirl's dream come true when she promised sexual favors in return for choosing her as her mentor on The Voice.

When competitor Kata Hay met Aguilera for the first time, she confessed a major secret to her idol.

"You were my official first girl crush," Hay told Aguilera, with her girlfriend watching from backstage. "You're so freaking beautiful in person!"

Aguilera's response was something that Hay probably dreamed of when she first developed that crush back in the day.

"You're so freaking beautiful!" she said. "Should we just make out now because I was your first girl crush? Let's get it over with so we can get to work."

And OMG, they totally made out, guys.

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OK, so it was more like a quick peck — but judging from Pharrell Williams' reaction, they may as well have gotten naked on the stage. But according to Aguilera, we could see even hotter action soon.

"If you pick me, there's more of that to come," she teased.

So yeah, Hay totally joined Team Aguilera. And she really can't believe what happened — the kiss, the fact that she got chosen at all, or all the media attention. She even posted about it on her Instagram earlier today.


"What IS my life right now!?!" Hay wrote. "I'm just taken back by it all. So greatful to all you. Thank thank you thank you. #teamxtina" [sic]

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For her part, Aguilera is psyched to have such a kissable talent on her team.


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Looking forward to seeing more of Hay singing this season on The Voice, and what other exploits she and Aguilera can get into together.