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10 reasons MasterChef Junior is the perfect family reality show

We’ve all read and heard multiple articles claiming television is bad for you. We get it. It’s bad, but what harm can an hour of MasterChef Junior do? No damage can come from watching kids who cook better than you do! Let’s face it, reality TV is not dying out anytime soon, so if you must watch, watch this show. You won’t regret it.

1. Kid friendly

Nothing to worry about here, parents. MasterChef Junior is the cutest show on primetime.

2. Brightens your day

If you had a rough go at work, this is the ultimate bad-day cure! The kids’ personalities will make your night much better.

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3. Sends a positive message about human nature

The world is filled with men and women competing. These kids are in competition, but they never forgot to congratulate or applaud one another.

4. Provides family bonding time

After a long day at school and work, watching the show while snacking on some apple pie is really the best family activity.

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5. Offers educational programming

From food measurements to the endless amounts of cultural fare they cook, there’s at least one new thing the whole family can learn in each episode.

6. Shows kids how to handle pressure

The mini-chefs are often (OK, always) put under pressure, and the courage they muster to overcome their obstacles is inspiring.

7. Models innovative thinking

Recipes are literally ideas outside of the box — and the mystery boxes are always filled with bizarre items. And still these kids manage to create something easy and delicious.

8. Shows completely adorable reactions

Whether happy, sad, angry, scared, nervous, the kids go through every emotion, and their reactions are always genuine — such as crying when someone gets sent home.

9. Reveals the sunnier side of Chef Ramsay

If you’re a fan of the original MasterChef, you know the darker side of Chef Gordon Ramsay. But you won’t find any screaming or harsh words in this show — only cute cleverness.

10. Your child will want to start cooking

After watching several episodes of this show, your kid will want to help you in the kitchen more often. Trust me.

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