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7 ways Pretty Little Liars‘ history is repeating itself

Pretty Little Liars‘ new Big Bad is a lot like the A’s of the past, but that’s not the only reason we’re feeling déjà vu while watching this season.

Here’s how the history of the show is repeating itself.

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1. The near-death car scare

Just like Emily (poor Emily!) nearly got hit by a car this season, Hanna (Ashley Benson) also got hit by the Original A back in Season 1, Episode 10.

2. Liar, Liar pants on fire

Aria (Lucy Hale) isn’t the first liar to learn that where there’s smoke, there’s generally fire. In fact, fire seems to be a big theme throughout the PLL world. Jenna was blinded by an explosion resulting in a fire. The liars also almost all burned to death together when the Thornhill Lodge was lit on fire — while the girls were locked inside — back in Season 3.

3. Spencer and Toby’s chemistry

They may be broken up, but these two definitely haven’t lost their spark. Remember how Toby and Spencer (Troian Bellisario) originally fell in love? He was being all broody and suspicious, but Spencer broke through his walls and tutored him in French. Sure, things are kind of different now what with both of them being in different relationships, but Toby hasn’t lost his brood, and Spencer hasn’t lost her determination. It sounds like a match made in ship-reuniting heaven.

Side note, Caleb and Spencer are still really growing on me, even though I have Notebook-esque Spoby dreams.

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4. The A game

Sure, Big Bad has a new scary emoji face, but that doesn’t mean s/he isn’t following a similar pattern of A’s past. First of all, there’s the clear and obsessive love of tech, the tendency to harass the liars even when they clearly have no idea what’s going on, oh, and the ability to pull off the craziest stunts without ever getting caught. You’re going to tell me no place in Rosewood has security cameras?

5. Mona’s mystery

Mona has always been in and out of the show. Plus, it’s always unclear if she’s trustworthy. Time hasn’t changed that. She’s still flighty, and she still absolutely can’t be trusted, even though you really want to and can’t help but love her anyway.

6. The twin theory lives

Executive producer I. Marlene King is keeping the twin theory alive, even through Season 6. We’ve been waiting for the elusive twin now for what seems like forever. Don’t hold your breath for this one to play out. She said we would see this twin in the first few episodes, but just because we see him or her doesn’t mean we’ll know it.

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7. So many questions, so little answers

Pretty Little Liars is a thriller so, obviously, the answers are just going to lead to 20 more questions. I get it. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t any less mind-spinning thinking about all of the things we don’t know in the show. Oh, and will probably never, ever really know.

What other Season 6B repeats would you add to our list?

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