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The Family: Why Adam might not be who he says he is

If you love the twists and turns on How to Get Away with Murder and the political intrigue of Scandal, then you’re going to love ABC’s latest mystery drama. The Family has viewers hooked with one big question: What really happened to Adam? The son of the Red Pines mayor was kidnapped 10 years earlier, but has since escaped his captor and returned to live with his parents and siblings — but that might not be the whole story.

Though Adam’s parents, Claire and John, are ecstatic to have their long-missing son back, not everyone is convinced that Adam is who he says he is. As Adam’s brother Danny put it, Adam is different from the kid who went missing a decade earlier. Are these changes due to the trauma that Adam suffered, or is it because he’s a different person entirely? Here are a few clues from the premiere episode that hint Adam might not be who he claims.

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1. Adam loves eggs

This is a small clue, but it’s one reason Danny is so suspicious of his returned brother. Adam hated eggs as a kid, but the new Adam can’t get enough of them. Personally, this hint seems a little unfair to Adam — any home-cooked meal would be appealing to someone who has suffered so much — but it does show a serious shift from the kid Danny used to know.

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2. Adam had no idea how the ships got in the bottle

Adam’s favorite hobby was building ships in bottles — in fact, Detective Nina Meyer put away Hank for Adam’s murder because they found Adam’s ship in a bottle at his house. While most people would ask how the ship gets in the bottle, someone who loved making them as a kid would definitely remember that fact.

3. Adam was mimicking his old videotapes

It’s only natural for Adam to want to watch old home movies, but watching him mimic his own voice and expression from his childhood birthday party was unsettling. Why would Adam feel the need to do this? Is he worried he’s not the same kid that his parents remember, or is he hoping he can fake being the real Adam for as long as possible?

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4. The doctor who confirmed his identity doesn’t exist

This is the most bizarre element of the whole story. The doctor who confirmed that the person who claimed to be Adam was actually Adam isn’t even a real person. That means we don’t have any concrete evidence that this boy is really the one who was kidnapped all of those years ago — and that there is a larger mystery afoot in the town of Red Pines.

Do you think Adam really is who he says he is or is he an impostor? Sound off in the comments.

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