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The Mother/Daughter Experiment shows Kim Richards in a different light

On the first episode of Lifetime’s The Mother/Daughter Experiment, six mother/daughter duos bring their drama to your TV. 

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It’s like Marriage Boot Camp meets Couples Therapy, except no one is married to each other because they’re mothers and daughters. That’s the premise of Lifetime’s new series, The Mother/Daughter Experiment: Celebrity Edition, which premiered on Tuesday night.

The show includes six mother-and-daughter pairs: Natalie Nunn (Bad Girls Club, Bridezillas and Marriage Boot Camp), and her mom, Karen; Kim Richards (RHOBH) and her daughter, Kimberly Jackson; Heidi Montag (The Hills! Also Marriage Boot Camp) and her mom, Darlene Egelhoff; Shar Jackson (once associated with Kevin Federline) and her daughter, Cassie; Jessica Canseco (Hollywood Exes) and her daughter, Josie; and Courtney Stodden (yes, that Courtney Stodden), and her mother, Krista.

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The goddesses of television would never throw such a group of folks together if they weren’t guaranteed to create ridiculous conflict, and we already have an inkling from the premiere of what some of those might be.

1. Heidi and Everyone

On the first episode, Heidi got drunk and threw up and grossed out some people and also cried, which is to be expected, considering what this show is about. Her mom, Darlene, is pretty sure Heidi has a drinking problem, and also that the point at which their relationship began to break down is when Heidi became thirsty for fame. It is possible that I’m making an inference here, based on Heidi’s previous behavior on The Hills and Marriage Boot Camp (when she spent the season fighting spectacularly with RHONY’s Aviva Drescher), but every time Heidi’s been involved in an endeavor like this, she manages to become the center of the whole screaming, crying mess.

2. Natalie and Kim

Dr. Debbie Magids, the therapist in charge of this experiment, asked each of the mothers and daughters to make a video in which they named what they thought was the core problem in their relationships. When Kimberly Jackson described feeling like she was in the role of a spouse, the show cut to an interview with Natalie, who wanted to know if, at any point, the fact of Kim’s alcoholism would be acknowledged. I think we can assume that Kim’s alcohol problem will come up, but Natalie does not have a reputation for subtlety, so we can likely expect that she’ll confront Kim about it no matter what.

3. Krista and Kim Richards

Krista Stodden is famous for giving her (at the time) 16-year-old daughter, Courtney, permission to marry the then 51-year-old Doug Hutchinson. When Kim hears that these two are joining the group, she expresses her disgust in a way that was very Kim — quiet but indicating that in the future, she will not hesitate to throw down.

4. Krista and the Other Moms

While it was Kim who demonstrated the most outward disapproval of the Krista/Courtney/Doug situation, it’s unlikely the other mothers won’t also blame her for the situation she’s currently in with Courtney, and very likely that things will get ugly.

5. Courtney and Krista

The show ended with Krista and Courtney screaming at each other, so clearly we’re supposed to be directing our collective focus to them. Courtney thinks Krista was trying to steal her husband and that she yearns for her own fame (that’s not what she said, but her specific words are not the most appropriate). These two have been apart for six months, and they’re just seeing each other for the first time on the show, so this should go smoothly, right?

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What did you think of the series premiere? Who do you think will be the source of drama? Tell us in the comments!

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