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Why Shadowhunters‘ Simon becoming a vampire will greatly improve the show

Well, Shadowhunters viewers don’t have to ask questions anymore. It’s official: Simon is definitely a vampire. After many episodes of Clary’s best friend worrying over whether or not he was transitioning into a vamp, Tuesday’s episode showed him turning. 

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Remember how last week’s episode ended with Camille attacking Simon? Yeah, well, she killed him, resulting in vampire Raphael carrying Simon’s dead body to the Institute. But, since he died a mortal death with vampire blood in his system, Raphael informed Clary that she had two options: Allow Simon to become a vampire or let him die.

Hmm… guess which option Clary chose. Yeah, with the help of Jace and Raphael, she buried Simon and waited for him to emerge from the ground as a vampire, and Simon eventually climbed his way out of the grave. FYI, he definitely isn’t Clary’s BFF anymore.

The first thing Simon did was drain a few blood bags dry. Then, he came to the realization that he is now a vampire. As viewers probably imagined, he’s not happy with Clary’s choice. He called himself “repulsive” and “nothing more than a monster.” Clary tried to calm him down, but at this moment in time, he wants nothing to do with her. Clearly, he needs to come to terms with what he’s become.

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Simon Lewis
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Should Clary have let Simon die? Yeah, probably, because death would most likely be less horrible than going from human to vampire. It also seems like Simon would rather be dead, too. Maybe Clary should’ve thought about what Simon would’ve wanted a bit more.

Whatever the case, vampire Simon just might be the series’ savior. Admittedly, the past few episodes have been boring and convoluted. Now, maybe a darker Simon will make it more interesting. He’s experiencing an entirely different lifestyle, so watching him learn to be a vamp will be exciting.

Not to mention, he and Clary just might be at odds now. What does this mean for their friendship? Will Simon go pure evil and against his best friend? Intriguing plotlines could come from this, so let’s hope Shadowhunters doesn’t do a disservice to Simon’s potentially thrilling story.

Shadowhunters airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on Freeform.

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