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Kenya Moore keeps pregnancy rumors alive with suspicious Instagram video

Kenya Moore has made it abundantly clear that she longs to have a child, but until recently, she’s faced many roadblocks in her journey to pregnancy. Now, however, rumors indicate that she and her boyfriend Matt Jordan are expecting their first child — and Moore’s making no effort to refute those rumors.

Could Kenya Moore have a baby on the way? She has remained tight-lipped about the swirling rumors thus far, but as always, she has a penchant for stirring the pot. Thus, instead of answering the baby questions outright, she’s fanning the fire with clever social media posts. Her latest Instagram update is especially suspicious, as it features endless complaints about her inability to zip up her pants.

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According to Moore, ill-fitting pants are the ultimate catastrophe. At the time of the Instagram post, she was on her way to an Oscars event, so of course, she wanted to look her best in a pair of figure-flattering pants. Later, she shared an update featuring a picture of the allegedly problematic outfit. In the caption, she referred to the getup as “the pants that gave [her] hell zipping.” There was no baby bump in sight in the snapshot, but if she’s in the early stages of her pregnancy, that’s not particularly surprising. Either way, she looked gorgeous as usual in her sleek white outfit.

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The Instagram video and follow-up photo of Moore’s pants would have been little cause for alarm on their own, but they seemed mighty suspicious in light of a previous social media update in which Moore claimed to have a big secret. It’s possible that the secret has more to do with her career than her family life, but fans are far more inclined to believe that she’s waiting until the perfect moment to tell the world that she has a baby on the way.

Moore’s by no means the only person making fans suspicious. Phaedra Parks has also done her part to fuel the rumors; during a recent appearance on Watch What Happens Live, she admitted that she recently heard “from a somewhat reliable source” that Moore is pregnant.

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There would be no better time for Moore to share the big news than during the The Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion. If there’s any way to get back in the RHOA cast’s good graces after a particularly dramatic season, it’s with a pregnancy announcement. Until then, Moore’s Instagram followers are bound to speculate about every single photo she posts.

Do you think Kenya Moore is expecting her first child? Or are her social media followers getting excited about nothing? Comment and share your opinion below.

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