RHOBH‘s Yolanda Foster’s involved in yet another friendship feud

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills drama continues, and this time, Yolanda Foster is feuding with Kyle Richards — and things are getting really nasty.

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It all started when the women were at their favorite local lunch spot, Frida, and Foster accused Richards and Lisa Vanderpump of whispering secrets (they were chatting about the comments she had previously made regarding Lisa Rinna being bipolar). Foster called out the women for their behavior, creating yet another feud — something Richards has since taken to her Bravo blog to discuss.

In a lengthy blog post, Richards discussed the altercation, and her comments prove just how unhappy she is with Foster as she called her out for being both “condescending and self-righteous.

“I was surprised but happy that Yolanda showed up for lunch,” Richards wrote. “We hadn’t heard from her since we were all at Erika’s when she and Rinna had gotten into their argument.”

She continued, “Lisa [Vanderpump] and I both were a little perplexed by their abrupt ‘hug it out’ and wondered what was going on with the situation. While this conversation that started between Lisa and me was more of a side conversation (going on while three other conversations were happening), we of course know that nothing we say in this arena is ‘private’ or a ‘secret.’ We will all see this eventually. However, part of being in this group also means we have to address issues that are currently going on in our group. There are often times we are as confused as the viewer and hope for some clarity.”

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Richards continued, defending her actions and calling out Foster for reprimanding her when she clearly does not see how she could be at fault.

“Yolanda also obviously knows that everything we discuss here is not private, but a window into the current happenings. To be chastised for this when she knows all too well that I am not whispering ‘secrets’ didn’t sit well with most of us that day,” Richards wrote, adding, “She was condescending and self-righteous. She knows what being part of this group means. Since when is a documented argument in this group off limits?”

Richards also went one step further, accusing Foster of having an issue with the friendship she shares with Vanderpump.

“It feels like whenever Lisa and I are on a good path, happy and enjoying each other’s company, someone has to make a snide remark,” she confessed. “We are the closest of the group, nobody can deny that. We have had our issues but we also laugh together and care about each other.”

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During the heated argument, Foster also made the comment, “I hold a lot in the vault, honey,” a comment that Richards immediately interpreted as being an absolute threat.

“No matter how she may try to spin it. Nobody says that in that tone for any other reason,” Richards wrote. “What started out as a nice, positive day with the fundraiser didn’t end well, unfortunately.”

Was Foster right to call out Richards and Vanderpump, or should she have stayed out of their conversation? Do you think Foster threatened Richards? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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