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Jaime King writes moving message about the sexual abuse in her past

Moved by Lady Gaga’s emotional Oscars performance of “Til It Happens to You,” Jaime King decided to share her own story of abuse.

In a tweet that has now been retweeted over 600 times, King shared the fact that 1 in 6 women in the United States will be raped by the time they leave college with the note, “Thank you @ladygaga – I finally felt a true healing from years of abuse as a minor in the industry. Time to be brave.”

Lady Gaga has responded with words of support, saying, “you are so brave to come forward, a warrior leading the way. I don’t feel alone anymore watching this happen is unreal.”

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King also opened up about the past on Instagram, calling herself a survivor and thanking those in her life, including her husband and friends from Lena Dunham to Diane Warren, for helping her break through the pain.

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King expanded on the abuse in the lengthy Instagram caption, which she seems to be using in lieu of a cover story, to reveal her story and hopefully inspire others to speak out as well. She wrote, “Thank you to @unwomen & all organizations that have tirelessly worked to somehow comfort & make right | Thank you to myself to not choosing to not make this a cover story though that was what was suggested to me but to express from my heart to you all personally which felt the most honest way for me to speak | Thank you to my Soul, body, mind, emotions, my inner child, my younger self, I love you. It’s a night of celebration, of change, of not being ashamed of your race, creed color, situation, circumstances and environment, or past. Now I am free, somewhat. Thank you for the switch that went off inside finally when I realized my silence said I cannot help nor change and that is not who I am. I love you all very much for creating a safe space. The time is now. I was 14 here, it started at 12. Peace Be Still.” [sic]

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