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The Voice‘s youngest contestant brings talent way beyond her years (VIDEO)

Failing to convince The Voice coaches to turn around their chairs must be discouraging, but it certainly didn’t stop Caroline Burns, who sounded better than ever during tonight’s return. How in the world is she just 15 years old?

Every season, there is at least one wunderkind who shocks viewers with their impressive voice and onstage maturity. Last season, Braiden Sunshine became the show’s miniature version of Michael Bublé, and now, Caroline Burns is making her mark on The Voice. This is by no means the first time she’s been on the show, but her return was every bit as impressive as her Season 9 debut.

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Last season, when Burns auditioned for The Voice, she failed to snag a spot on one of the coaches’ teams. This was not so much due to a lack of talent, but rather, because she auditioned way too late in the game. By the time she arrived, the coaches had few spaces left for her. This was less of a problem this season, as her audition took place early enough for her to secure a spot.

Caroline Burns
Image: NBC

Burns’ success tonight was mostly a matter of timing, but she’s definitely worked hard during her time away from the show. After her initial audition, she got back together with her classic rock band and got a job helping out with children’s birthday parties. The latter involves more dressing up than singing, but Burns admitted that she’d had the opportunity to play around a bit with music while putting a smile on kids’ faces.

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The hard work clearly paid off, for Burns impressed all four coaches and the audience with her mature voice. Even though three of the four coaches had been present for her last audition, they were once again surprised by her young age. Sadly, only Blake Shelton and Adam Levine had the good sense to turn around. Burns only had eyes for Levine, whom she rewarded for turning around first.

Caroline Burns
Image: NBC

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When Burns initially auditioned, she garnered a ton of praise on Twitter. The same was true tonight, with viewers speaking highly of her lovely voice and great song choice.

Now that Burns finally has the spot she deserves on The Voice, it’s time for her to prove she has what it takes to win the competition. No doubt, she’ll go far — it’s hard not to love such a talented teenage singer.

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