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Dance Moms‘ new mom-shaming is completely unacceptable

Usually, most of the unacceptable shaming on Dance Moms involves Abby Lee Miller, but the controversial dance teacher is by no means the only person to speak ill of her fellow cast members. Tonight, the moms angered viewers by turning on one of their own for a terrible reason.

Kira Girard may not be the most popular of the mothers on Dance Moms, but tonight, she had no trouble gaining the sympathy of viewers, who objected when the other moms spoke ill of Girard’s absence. Under ordinary circumstances, it would be unfortunate to see Kalani Hilliker dancing without her mom in the audience, but at the time of filming, Girard was busy taking care of her new baby, who was less than a month old. The other moms conveniently forgot this while complaining of Girard’s absence.

Image: Lifetime

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Not only did the moms whine about Girard not being around, they acted as if she was to blame when Hilliker had to be pulled from a dance due to injury. The moms seemed to think that, had Girard been there, she could have told Hilliker to back off on the dancing at the first signs of pain. That may be true, but Hilliker is old enough to know her own body and advocate for herself.

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For a moment, Miller seemed as if she might be more reasonable than the moms while discussing this particular issue. She admitted that she understood that Girard had recently had a baby… but then she added that the father should be taking care of the newborn while Girard attends to her teenage daughter. Unfortunately, it’s not that easy for new moms to up and leave just weeks after giving birth.

Abby Lee Miller
Image: Lifetime

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Miller being completely out of touch is to be expected, but it would have been nice to see the other moms be a little bit more supportive. Evidently, they have completely forgotten how crazy those first few weeks are after giving birth. Viewers, however, recognize the challenges Girard faced at the time of filming. They took to Twitter en masse to tell off the other moms and show their support for Girard.

Girard already highlighted the ridiculous nature of the moms’ claims last week, when she updated her Twitter page with the following common sense message:

Miller is wrong about a lot, but she is right about one thing: The moms spend way too much time speaking ill of one another. Instead of bashing a mom who is trying her best to balance caring for a newborn with managing her daughter’s crazy dance career, they should show a little compassion.

Should the moms stop speaking ill of Kira Girard? Comment and share your opinion below.

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