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Farrah Abraham’s threats to quit Teen Mom aren’t disappointing anyone (PHOTO)

Farrah Abraham had an explosive last season on Teen Mom OG, and the show documented her fallout with MTV producers as she threatened to “never work” with them again.

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But is Abraham really leaving the show?

Her recent Instagram post certainly suggests so. She took to social media to post a meme of herself, along with the words, “I don’t need to be a part of a trashy ass show any more [sic] because I make millions of dollars doing other s**t!”

“We’re talking this tonight#TeenMomOG #mtv #TeenMom count down #leapday Thank you all for making this a sensational season,” Abraham captioned the image.

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The “other shit” Abraham is referring to could be her sex toy company or her new webcam business, Farrah’s Friends, although she opted not to elaborate on this in her caption. However, most people do believe that Teen Mom gave Abraham her start and, unfortunately, her threats aren’t really disappointing anyone.

Abraham has taken the heat in the comments section as critics blast her for being “fake,” “toxic” and ungrateful.

“You hate on the show but without it, no one would know your name,” deehchurch wrote. “Don’t bite the hand that feeds you. I hope they don’t bring you back next time since it’s so below you.”

“The only trashy ass thing about the show is you Farrah,” simplykarismaa.xo shared.

Daniellendunbar was more harsh with their words, writing, “You are so ugly and such a bitch. You need to go away forever. I truly hope you do not come back to Teen Mom. When do you stop blaming everyone else for your behavior and take responsibility?! You are such a toxic person.”

While commenter ashlo66 accused Abraham of being “fake.” They wrote, “You r [sic] such a FAKE with ur fake ass tears! Despite of ur [sic] past that doesn’t give you the right to treat ppl like shit or put hands on them either!”

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Before you go, check out our slideshow below.

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Image: MTV

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