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Eva Amurri’s husband dodged a huge nanny scandal with one clever move

Usually when you hear about a celebrity nanny scandal, you expect the worst. So it was shocking when Eva Amurri took to her blog to write an insane story about her husband and her nanny that had a happy ending. Well, for everyone but the nanny.

Kyle Martino, Amurri’s husband, surprised her with the news that he had to abruptly fire their nanny because she had been acting very inappropriate with him. It all started when the nanny sent Martino a very NSFW text by “accident.” Apparently she meant to send it to her friend, but Martino got it by accident and read that the nanny wanted to “f*** his brains out.”

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Definitely not the kind of nanny you want in your house or watching your child.

Amurri also said that Martino caught the nanny watching him from the couple’s bedroom window while he was walking to his car in the driveway. That’s definitely inappropriate and also borders on totally creepy. Martino tried to shake it off and went to work, hoping to wait until Amurri was back in town to discuss what the next step should be. However, while sitting in a meeting at work, he decided he needed to face the problem immediately.

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“AND THIS IS WHY MY HUSBAND IS A LEGEND,” she wrote. “He also realized in that moment that he was going to record his entire confrontation with her. Because… who knows what she would try to make up or twist after the fact.”

After she listened to the recording, Amurri reflected on the emotions it brought up in her, “I felt anger, I felt pride in my husband for being so loyal (and smart) and handling it well, and I felt a huge betrayal also. How dare this person, who we were paying very generously to care for our young daughter — how dare she use her time with my child, in my HOME, to plot out a way to screw my husband and screw up my family!”

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It’s impossible not to agree with her. It’s an amazing example of true family loyalty and commitment from Martino. And while Amurri does admit that not having childcare does add stress to their relationship and family, this whole debacle has actually brought them all closer together, which is the best you can hope for in a situation like this.

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