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Theories about The Bachelor finale: Who does Ben call?

The end of The Bachelor Season 20 is almost here, but more than the insane curiosity over who Ben Higgins will choose is the question about who he calls during his big decision moment.

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It’s down to JoJo Fletcher or Lauren Bushnell, and Higgins is clearly torn. All the sneak peeks we’ve seen of the final episode include Higgins crying. A lot. And making a seemingly very important phone call. So who the heck is he calling?! Here are my theories.

1. He calls the woman he’s letting go

Maybe, in keeping with his honorable reputation this season, he doesn’t want the woman he’s breaking up with to have to pour her heart out right before he breaks it. Maybe he calls the lady he’s letting go to give her a heads up before she’s on camera. That way they can talk it out without blindsiding her.

This one, admittedly, is a little farfetched. Higgins has this awesome thing about looking the girls in the eyes and being honest when he ends his relationships. But, hey, it could happen.

2. He calls a woman to come back

I’m pretty convinced that somewhere along the end of this season, Higgins is going to pull a Mesnick. That is, he’s going to do what Jason Mesnick did and realize he picked the wrong girl. Of course, Mesnick didn’t make this decision until the After the Final Rose episode, but I think Higgins might realize it as soon as he lets the girl go and then call her to make it right.

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3. He lets them both go and calls Caila

It is possible that he realizes that he made a mistake with Caila Quinn.

“I hope I didn’t make the wrong decision,” Higgins said at one point after sending her home.

Granted, this is a line we hear a lot in The Bachelor, especially when it gets down to the final three.

4. He calls his mom

Rumor has it, Higgins’ mom plays a crucial role in his final decision. Apparently, Higgins was so torn about who he wanted to spend the rest of his life with that his mom ended up picking her favorite and Higgins went with it. There’s a good chance this will all go down for our viewing pleasure in the finale. Perhaps he second-guesses himself and calls his mom for some good old-fashioned support.

5. He calls Chris Harrison

I mean, he could, but Chris Harrison is the one escorting the girls out of the helicopters/cars so I don’t know why Higgins wouldn’t just run over to him if he had a question. But maybe he was too ashamed of the tears and felt that getting the host’s advice would be better not in person.

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6. He calls to ask both of the ladies to extend the time

Again, as I said in No. 1, I’m not sure how well this point would work via the phone since it seems like a personal question, but it could be that Higgins decides he’s genuinely not ready to pick a wife. Rather, he may ask Bushnell and Fletcher if they’re cool with some polygamous dating for a while. Now that would definitely break Bachelor protocols.

Who do you think Higgins will call in the season finale?

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