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5 things to expect from the Top Chef finale

We’re about to be in the thick of the Top Chef finale, and the remaining three chefs are ready for culinary war. 

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And then there were three remaining, after Thursday’s Top Chef, when Amar was eliminated in the Sudden Death Quickfire and Carl was ousted for making a dish he shouldn’t even have attempted because it actually required three days to execute correctly. (After he served it to the judges, Isaac handed him a beer. I’m really surprised that the cheftestants aren’t drunk more on this show.) So the top three are Isaac, Marjorie and Jeremy, and they’ll head to Las Vegas for the final two episodes of the season. Here are some things you can probably expect in the Season 13 finale.

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1. Marjorie will bake something

The only woman in the final three, Marjorie has become known for destroying lobsters while they’re still alive, making vegetables so good that the judges claim they don’t need to eat the meat that she also prepared and baking some serious bread. She’ll probably do at least two of these things in the finale, likely the baking, which will be a risk, because baking is an undertaking if you’re a really talented chef who is going to win this season, I hope.

2. Isaac will do something really complicated, which he probably shouldn’t do

On Thursday’s episode, Isaac made duck and he was almost eliminated for it. He admitted to making dishes that qualified as too ambitious but pulling them off well in the past, which should have been a clue to the audience that he’d end up in the bottom two. In the finale, where the final two are supposed to cook the best meal they’ve ever cooked for the judges, it’s pretty likely that he’ll whip up something outrageous that will stun the judges.

3. We’ll find out the winner of Last Chance Kitchen and it will likely screw everything up

Every eliminated chef this season has been sent off to compete in Last Chance Kitchen, and the winner of that will show up again in the Top Chef finale. It will undoubtedly be a huge curveball for the final two cheftestants and might render it pretty difficult to predict the winner (who I still hope is Marjorie).

4. Eliminated chefs will return to help out, including probably Phillip

Every season, the eliminated chefs come back to serve as sous-chefs to the finalists, and this time, that means they’re the ones who haven’t won Last Chance Kitchen. This means that no matter what, Phillip is guaranteed to return and make everyone grumpy.

5. And still, the judges will throw the final two some kind of extra challenge

Or am I thinking of Project Runway, where the judges have been known to demand an additional look at the last possible second? Isn’t there enough in store for the cheftestants in the finale, what with eliminated folks coming back and everyone also going to Las Vegas? The judges definitely have something additional planned.

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Are you happy with the final three? Who are you rooting for to win it all? Tell us in the comments!

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