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Mob Wives‘ Brittany Fogarty can’t stop stirring up drama

Mob Wives‘ Brittany Fogarty is keeping herself front and center as the season, and the series, draws to a close. 

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The series finale of Mob Wives is one week away, and at this point, the following things are true:

1. The show is terribly sad to watch knowing that Big Ang is gone, especially when she gets news, like she did this week, that she’s cancer-free.

2. It’s hard to actually decipher what anyone is fighting about anymore.

3. Drita has two small dogs, both named after famous mobsters.

4. Renee is taking ballroom dancing lessons and, therefore, possibly angling for a stint on Dancing with the Stars.

5. Whatever drama currently exists, and there is much drama, Brittany Fogarty is at the center of it, and she seems determined to remain there.

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To refresh, Karen brought Brittany into the group, to the chagrin of Renee, who had some icky feelings about her. Brittany and the other new cast member this season, Marissa Jade, had a falling out at a weekend in the Hamptons and then got into a physical altercation, but their issues seem to be a thing of the past now and Brittany’s moved on to bigger and better things — like inciting arguments between the original cast. At this point, that sit-down that Ang initiated earlier in the season is basically trash, especially the part where they promised to go directly to one another if they had personal issues, instead of just talking behind each other’s backs. That is so over, as is the part where Drita hangs out with anyone except for Ang and Brittany, who’s doing the important work of pushing us toward the series finale, which looks like it’s going to be a fight between Karen and Drita.

On Wednesday’s episode, Brittany walked out on a dinner with the original cast, after hurling accusations at Renee and Carla, because apparently, it was their fault that she and Marissa initially fought. Brittany escaped the restaurant without actually getting hit by anyone present, but in the end, Ang, Carla, Renee and Karen agreed that they were all better off before Brittany came into the group. Unfortunately, things didn’t end there. Brittany then went on to meet with Drita in a park crowded with aggressive ducks and made sure to fill her in on a conversation she had with Karen two weeks ago (it’s getting so hard to keep track of who talks trash when). She relayed all the stuff Karen had to say about Lee, including the part where she called him a rat. You don’t need to have watched more than one episode of Mob Wives to know that using that word to refer to someone equals doom, and in this case, Drita hurled what was likely a delicious cup of coffee across the park while declaring that she would, in fact, fight Karen. And so, that’s what we have to look forward to on the series finale of the show, coming next week. Thanks, Brittany.

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Have you had it with Brittany? Are you excited for the series finale? Tell us in the comments!

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