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Farrah Abraham clears the air about that fight with the Teen Mom producer

On Part 1 of the Teen Mom OG reunion, Farrah cries and Dr. Drew doesn’t yell at her, to the chagrin of viewers. 

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If you’ve ever seen a Teen Mom reunion special, you are probably familiar with all the essential elements: Dr. Drew reminds the audience and the teen parents onstage that birth control is important and only you can prevent teen pregnancy. Dr. Drew encourages the teen moms and their partners to give it another go, even if it was truly horrible for all involved. Children will appear and be fawned over. At least one person will storm off. And, of course, there will be a lot of crying.

On Monday’s reunion, most of these elements were in place, including Sophia telling Dr. Drew that one of the things she likes doing is “making potions.” (I support this entirely, Sophia.) Maci and Ryan seemed to be making some reasonable headway in coparenting, after seven years of Ryan not really understanding that he assisted in creating Bentley. And then it was time for Farrah. When Dr. Drew asked her to talk about screaming at and pushing Larry the producer in the season finale, Farrah defended herself by saying that she didn’t think she should have had to tolerate “her elders” (insert chuckle from Dr. Drew here) antagonizing her. But don’t worry, it’s cool between them now, and Farrah would be totally happy to come back to Teen Mom if there was another season of the show. Larry did not, as I had hoped, emerge to confront Farrah.

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There was more, of course. Debra and Michael, Farrah’s parents, sat down with her and Dr. Drew to discuss the whole season and the ongoing mess between them all. Dr. Drew said that he felt he’d witnessed growth from Farrah and perhaps it was Debra’s past actions that had traumatized Farrah so much that she is where she is today. His exact words: “Just own what you did to your daughter.” He also suggested that Michael probably had more than a little bit to do with Farrah’s decision to do that sex tape.

Twitter was not exactly taking all this well. Fans of the show were mad before Farrah even appeared on the couch, but by the end of the hour, they’d had just about enough of Dr. Drew letting Farrah off the hook.
Farrah and her parents have been fighting on television for years, and the whole time, accusations have been made about their role in Farrah’s behavior, while Dr. Drew tries to affirm Farrah and nudge her onto better things. Does he know something that we don’t?

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Will you watch another season of Teen Mom if Farrah’s on it? Do you think Dr. Drew let her off the hook for her behavior this season? Tell us in the comments!

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