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11 things to know about Paris Jackson

Paris Jackson has been spending a lot of time in the spotlight as she’s gotten older.

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Who is the 17-year-old star really? Here are 11 things to know about Paris Jackson.

1. She’s Michael Jackson’s only daughter
This may be fairly obvious, but it’s clearly had a huge impact on who Jackson is growing up to be.

2. She’s seen way too much tragedy for 17 years

From her father’s death in 2009, to fighting within her family in the years that followed, to the failing health of the grandparents she lives with, Jackson has seen far more than her fair share of tragedy.

3. She spends a lot of time with her family

Jackson’s social media accounts are littered with pictures of her with her brothers Blanket and Prince.

4. She’s a social media queen
Jackson’s Instagram account has nearly 250,000 followers, and her photos get tens of thousands of likes each.

5. She loves to draw

From doodles to paintings, Jackson posts pictures of some of her drawings, and she’s definitely talented.

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6. She was reportedly engaged

Jackson dated soccer player Chester Castellaw for almost a year before they suddenly called off their relationship in December. Jackson was spotted out with Castellaw wearing a ring, which sparked engagement rumors, but some sources said she was just wearing the ring for attention.

7. She’s a recovering addict

Jackson reportedly spent a year in rehab after attempting suicide in 2013. She now attends AA meetings and seems to be on a better path.

8. She has supportive friends

A source reportedly told Radar Online that Jackson only hangs out with sober friends, and she’s posted photos to Instagram of her “sober squad” out on the town.

9. She loves animals, especially horses

A quick scroll through Jackson’s Instagram will reveal livestock, dogs and horses. She’s an accomplished rider and has been rumored to be planning to start a horse ranch in Utah.

10. She’s politically active, especially when it comes to the environment

Jackson has a number of politically charged posts on her social media and she seems particularly concerned with protecting the environment.

11. She loves to be outdoors

Photos show Jackson loves camping, horseback riding, rock climbing and snowboarding, which she calls her “meditation.”

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