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Recovery Road star teases more big lies to come in Season 1

Last night’s episode of Recovery Road revealed a shocking secret about Trish’s daughter. And when actress Kyla Pratt recently spoke with SheKnows, she hinted at an explanation — as well as new twists that may come before the season ends.

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Pratt told SheKnows that she was as surprised to learn the truth about her character — that Trish had made up the existence of her daughter, Nevaeh — as viewers surely were when they watched “Heaven Backwards” last night.

“The creators pulled me aside and said, ‘We just wanted to let you know, we think we’re going to do a little twist,'” she said. “And when they actually told me, I was so shocked. I felt like a viewer, because I love this show, as a whole. And I literally felt like somebody was just knocked off their seat, like, ‘Are you serious?'”

Pratt promised, though, that there’s a logical explanation for this plot development. She suggested that Trish, a recovering meth addict, might suffer from “methamphetamine psychosis,” a very real and often-ignored consequence of meth use.

“[Trish] may [also have] an underlying mental issue, which was brought out by meth use,” Pratt added. “People don’t realize that this is the kind of stuff that can happen. And that’s what I love most about this show — we’re attacking something that’s not really talked about. But it’s something that really goes on, and people need to be aware of what drugs can do to you.”

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So what does this diagnosis mean for Trish? Pratt told SheKnows that Trish will be absent from Spring Meadows for a few episodes while she receives specialized treatment. “The sober living house can’t give her the help she needs,” she explained. “So she does go and see someone.”

But the mystery will hardly be solved once Trish returns. Even if she receives treatment for her delusions, how will her housemates learn to trust her again? Is it possible that Trish will be a danger to herself and others, like roommate Maddie and boss Margarita?

Pratt hinted that perhaps Trish’s whole personality is an act — perhaps a delusion, perhaps a deception or perhaps both.

“Is she really that bubbly and that happy all the damn time?” Pratt wondered. “Or is this who she thinks she should be? Is Nevaeh the only thing that was fabricated and thought up in her mind? What if everything she’s ever told everyone is a lie? She could be from a whole ‘nother state and no one would know.”

Pratt also pointed out that, by the end of “Heaven Backwards,” some of Trish’s housemates are already feeling worried.

“I think that’s the scariness that’s at the end of this episode, when everybody’s standing at the bottom of the stairs,” she told SheKnows. “And I was like, ‘If I was one of these people, I would be scared to death to go to sleep.'”

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It might take some time before Recovery Road fans learn all of Trish’s secrets — this is sure to be an arc that the writers will continue developing over the course of the season and perhaps even into next season. But Pratt isn’t worried. She suggested that, while Trish may be troubled, and while she may be dishonest or make poor decisions under her delusions, she is ultimately a kind, compassionate and well-meaning woman.

“Trish is one of the craziest characters I’ve ever been allowed to play and I’m so excited to even be able to speak our names in the same sentence, because she’s such a unique, bubbly, crazy, loving individual,” she said. “I can’t wait to see what she does next.”

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