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The Amazing Race gets a good dose of drama thanks to poor decision-making

Teams are finally beginning to show their true colors. In this week’s episode of The Amazing Race, the stress of the competition began to make some teams make frustrating errors, creating some intense moments for the audience at home.

Still racing around Colombia, in the beautiful city of Cartagena, this week the contestants had to make their way into some catacombs, play an explosive game of corn hole and overcome a roadblock before they could reach this leg’s finish line.

Two teams, social media favorites Tyler and Kory and frisbee-lovers Kurt and Brodie, breezed right through each of the obstacles and the roadblock, finishing well before any of the other teams. But, by the second half of the episode, we were seeing major missteps that would ultimately cost one team their place in the race.

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Not necessarily making bad decisions, but one team that seemed particularly flustered and edgy were the dancers, Dana and Matt. Dana seemed not too happy with boyfriend Matt from the very beginning of the episode, prompting many a, “don’t talk to me” and “let me live my life” to come flying from her mouth (and many a mean tweet to be directed her way, as well).

By the end of the show, though, they realized they needed to regroup and get back in step with each other.

It wasn’t until several teams were finished played exploding corn hole that the bad decisions really began turning up the heat. The teams got one of two roadblocks. Zach and Rachel King were the first team to make a big blunder during their roadblock. While trying to gather enough bus fare to move on, Rachel miscounted, mixing up how pesos are counted, forcing the team to go back and start all over, seriously threatening their chances of moving on in the race.

Thankfully for them, they stayed calm and hustled their way to the finish ahead of the last team.

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But by far the worst mistake made (by several teams) was simply not reading the instructions of the roadblock. Many set out to look for their matching bags before realizing there was a specific designer tag they needed to match, wasting precious time and especially energy running around the hot streets of Cartagena.

The contestants were so clueless, it was prompting many folks to voice their frustrations at the ineptitude on Twitter.

Yet, ironically, the most clueless team was arguably (maybe not arguably) the smartest: Darius and Cameron Benson. The brilliant brothers just seemed to never quite get into the groove. They had zero sense of urgency. It seemed as if they weren’t just overthinking the challenges, but they didn’t want to help each other out if they were able to either (one standing there, obviously knowing that his brother needed to hand the bags they had been searching for to the woman next to him).

Twitter was aghast at their stupidity…

Many people thought it was heartless for the other teams, who were standing right there, to not have told the brothers the vendor they were looking for was right in front of them… But alas, this is a competition, so I probably wouldn’t have told them either, to be honest.

Their bad decisions and inability to work together ultimately ended up sending them packing.

Were you upset to see the brothers go home or is your team still in it to win it?

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