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Kesha supporters tear apart Charlie Puth for supporting Dr. Luke

Kesha’s animals are preying on a new star: Charlie Puth.

Amid Kesha’s ongoing legal battle with producer Dr. Luke, who she says raped and abused her for years, her fans are calling for her release from a contract that binds her to working for Sony, Dr. Luke’s label.

But in a recent red carpet interview with E! News, Puth sympathized with Dr. Luke.

“That, in itself, in my humble opinion, is just devastating for both parties,” he said. “So much attention is taken off from the music.”

He continued, “Dr. Luke is one of my production idols, and Kesha is one of the first outgoing artists that I would listen to, to mimic her songwriting style. It’s just a shame that I haven’t heard any new music from Kesha. Nobody wins at the end of the day. I hope Kesha comes out with some new songs, because we really need some of that.”

Kesha’s supporters, who have flooded Twitter for nearly a week with the #FreeKesha hashtag, were quick to jump on Puth for his remarks.

“Hold up.. I just saw a video where Charlie puth is saying Dr Luke is his idol even after hearing about the Kesha case. ?????” one wrote.
Another added, “charlie puth is a complete douche for saying dr luke is his idol and kesha took the attention away from music by coming out about her rape.”

Others accused Puth of focusing on the wrong side of the issue — the fact that Kesha hasn’t released new music, instead of her coming forward with reports of her alleged abuse.

Do you agree with Charlie Puth? Or do you think Kesha’s fans are right to call him out for his comments?

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