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Justin Bieber’s father filmed his proposal to his much younger fiancée (VIDEO)

Get ready to see Justin Bieber in a tux.

Dad Jeremy Bieber, 41, proposed to 28-year-old girlfriend Chelsey Rebelo in St. Barts. Don’t believe me? Don’t worry, you can watch the whole thing on YouTube, where Papa Biebs has uploaded proof.

Over 17,500 viewers have already witnessed Rebelo’s big moment, which includes a friend of the couple yelling at her to “keep your dress down.”

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According to TMZ, Justin and his family are fans of Rebelo, who is only slightly older than her future 21-year-old superstar stepson. For his part, Justin has yet to share a comment on the engagement on social media.

Rebelo shared a (ringless!) post-engagement selfie on her Instagram.

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Voracious Beliebers are acting about as you’d expect in response to the news that a member of the Bieber family, albeit not Justin, is engaged. “Congratulations… wonder when Justin will pop those words to me,” wrote Hannah Waller on YouTube. Another YouTube commenter is hoping for another future pop star: “Congratulations! Hopefully there will be a new baby Bieber in the future ;).” Friends on Instagram also shared their happiness. “Congrats! I’m so happy for you guys,” echoed the comments.

The couple has yet to confirm a wedding date or location, but we can all agree that we’re looking forward to photos of Justin Bieber as best man. Maybe he’ll even shave that mini mustache he was rocking for the Grammys.

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