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Kim Cattrall shares alarming photos of her house after car crashed into it

Actress Kim Cattrall is dealing with the damage this week after a young driver crashed into her home in Vancouver Island, British Columbia.

According to the Daily Mail, the driver is believed to be a 16-year-old girl. Cattrall’s photos show a Suzuki Vitara crashed clear through the front of her home, with damage to a front entrance, a window and the car itself. No one was hurt. It’s unknown whether the driver was drinking at the time, but Cattrall calls the incident a “joy ride.”

Cattrall tweeted, “A senseless 16 yr old driver plowed into my home Joy Riding @ 1am. People cld have been killed. U should b ashamed.”
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Cattrall followed up her announcement with a series of retweets of fans and friends calling for harder driving restrictions. She retweeted one user who wrote, “oh goodness. Hope everyone ok-We need more scrutiny in the UK on theory &practical tests. Driving is a privilege not a right.”

She also seemed to agree with the idea that 16 is too young an age to get behind the wheel. She retweeted a comment from Twitter user PaulPoakley, who said, “Make the driving test harder, Increase the minimum age of a permit.”

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Cattrall ended her tweets on a positive note, sharing a sweet photo of her cat. “No matter how long the day was,” she wrote, “there’s always Kobi.”

As the Daily Mail reports, Cattrall has homes in London, New York, and Toronto in addition to her now-sullied Vancouver estate.

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