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Gavin Rossdale’s recent actions with the nanny were ‘inconsiderate’

Gwen Stefani’s relationship with Blake Shelton is going well, but that doesn’t mean her ex-husband Gavin Rossdale’s actions don’t still sting.

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Especially when he is reportedly meeting up with the woman he allegedly cheated on Stefani with.

According to Hollywood Life, Rossdale recently met up with the family’s former nanny, Mindy Mann, for lunch in North Hollywood, California, a decision Stefani reportedly feels was very “inconsiderate.”

“Gwen feels like this whole Gavin and Mindy meeting is a stunt to make her jealous and upset,” an insider told the publication. “She doesn’t understand why they had to be so obvious about their get-together. When she heard about [it] she just rolled her eyes. Too much drama and she’s not going there.”

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However, Stefani is reportedly not going to let Rossdale hurt her because she is in such a good place with her current boyfriend, Blake Shelton.

“Gwen is in the best place she’s ever been, and she’s not for one minute going to let her ex get to her,” the insider confessed. “She’s not wasting her time or energy on either of them, even though she feels like the two of them (Gavin and Mindy) meeting in public is just a slap in the face and completely inappropriate.”

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We’re glad Gwen Stefani has found happiness with Blake Shelton. But do you think Gavin Rossdale’s meeting with Mindy Mann was unfair? Or should he be able to do as he pleases? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

Before you go, check out our slideshow below.

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