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6 ways Jake’s new lover could be key in Scandal Season 5

Scandal has introduced a new character named Vanessa Moss in Season 5. And though we know very little about her at this point, it’s clear she’s going to be key to this season’s story.

What we do know so far is that she’s sleeping with Jake, and Olivia (Kerry Washington) is super interested in her. Not interested in a jealous lover kind of way, but interested in her in a gladiator kind of way. Which definitely means Olivia’s got some big plan here that is going to be genius and result in her doing some more #winning we can’t wait to see.

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Surely Vanessa Moss’ story line will unfold over the course of the next few episodes. But, until then, here’s how I think she could factor into the big plan.

1. She’s involved in B613

The company Jake keeps these days hasn’t been the finest, Olivia excluded. There’s a good chance Vanessa Moss’ record isn’t spotless. It could get even more ruthless than that if she’s a fellow assassin like Jake.

2. She’s the key to gaining the upper hand over Rowan

At it’s core, this is Scandal, right? The power play between Rowan and Olivia has been going on since the beginning. Olivia may be Rowan’s creation, but she has taken on a life of her own by fighting for the good guys. It’s time for the student to best the master.

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3. She’s the key to Jake’s downfall

Clearly Olivia is sleeping with the enemy. The romantic island getaway days are long gone and the Jake that has emerged is so creepy I sometimes wonder if he’s going to hurt Olivia or sleep with her just from that smolder he gives her. In other words, he’s gotta go.

4. Vanessa is a pawn

Just like Olivia is a pawn in her father’s plan, as Huck said, Vanessa could also be an unwilling player in the game.

5. She’s an innocent

There is also the slim — and I mean seriously slim — chance that Vanessa knows nothing about B613 and the big, scary world of politics surrounding her. She could just really like Jake. But I mean, come on. I’m practically including this one just for kicks.

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6. She’s a gladiator

No, no one could ever be Olivia. But that doesn’t mean Vanessa doesn’t have an agenda of her own that might also involve taking down Jake, Rowan and B613 once and for all.

How do you think Vanessa Moss will (maybe inadvertently) help Olivia to gain the upper hand against her father and Jake?

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