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Paris Jackson’s new haircut earns her grandma’s scorn (PHOTOS)

Paris Jackson recently debuted an edgy new haircut on social media, but her teenage rebellion just cost her access to her own Twitter account.

Paris looks absolutely stunning with her super-short new hair, reminiscent of Miley Cyrus’ style — and really happy too, we’re glad to see.

“Schmiles all around,” she wrote in the accompanying caption.

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But what probably is not giving her too many “schmiles” is her grandmother Katherine Jackson ruling her social media habits with an iron fist. While Paris’ new haircut might be the result of defiance toward social norms, Katherine is not having defiance of another sort.

“Katherine forced Paris to take a break from Twitter and delete all of her defiant tweets last week,” a source told Radar Online.

Paris, who admitted to attending AA meetings and has been spotted in public smoking cigarettes, apparently went too far with some of her posts.

“Katherine told Paris that as long as she is living under her roof, she will do what she says and obey her rules,” the source said.

“Katherine always loved Paris’ hair and that is why Paris cut it all off and dyed it,” the insider added. “She is basically doing everything right now that they do not want her to do.”

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As of this writing, the only tweet currently on Paris’ account dates from June 2013.
But back to her awesome haircut… it appears that Paris was inspired by the late, great David Bowie for her new look.
“You gotta embrace the awkward phase from jet black to blonde (sic) where it’s pretty much orange… ch ch ch ch changes,” she wrote.

We think Ziggy Stardust would definitely approve, even if Katherine does not.

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