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10 things that happen when you start a really good book

I’ve loved reading for as long as I can remember. Sometimes, I go through phases where all of my free time is spent in a book, other times I might go weeks without reading. But there is one thing I treasure more than anything in reading, and that’s when I pick up a book and there’s an instant click: oh yes, this book and me are going to have a great time together.

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But a love-at-first-read book comes with a few side effects.

1. “Reading for a few minutes” turns into “canceling all your plans.”


2. You start writing down the best lines and texting them to people.

3. You write about it in your journal.

4. You immediately go follow other people who have read it on Goodreads

(You’re gonna need somebody to talk to about it).

5. You start recommending it to strangers, even though you haven’t finished it yet.


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6. You power through the first half and then freak out because you don’t want it to end.


7. You start dropping characters/plot points into your conversations like they’re real people.

“Ha, it’s funny you should say that, Jane — a character in a book I’m reading — is struggling with a similar thing…”

8. Basic human functions start feeling like an interruption.

“What do you mean, I still gotta eat?”

9. When it’s over, it feels a little like you’ve lost a best friend.


10. You can’t start another book because you’re still thinking about how good this one is.


What are some books you fell in love with on first read?

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