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7 reasons I stopped watching Project Runway

For a while, I fancied myself a seamstress. When I really got into sewing around a year ago, I discovered Project Runway on the Lifetime channel’s app. I started watching Project Runway: All Stars and from there moved over to just Project Runway.

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I enjoyed watching the last several seasons and I even joined a group on Facebook so that I could further discuss the show. However, I noticed pretty quickly this season that my interest in the show was wavering, and then I just stopped watching it altogether. Here are some of the possible reasons.

Michael Kors is no longer a judge

I thoroughly enjoyed the snarky comments Mr. Kors made in regard to some particularly hideous outfits. I enjoyed them so much that I dedicated a past Pinterest board to just the things he said and the memes people created from his insults. He truly made me laugh, although sometimes he could be pretty harsh.

The challenges have become less interesting

I can appreciate the unconventional challenges the designers did. My personal favorite was when they had to create looks using candy from Dylan’s Candy Bar. However, in the more recent seasons, the designers went through several episodes before actually going to Mood for fabric. I love drooling over all that beautiful fabric!

The focus has shifted to the drama more than the designs

I get it. When you get a bunch of creative people in one close setting, you’re bound to have some drama. However, one of my favorite things was seeing the designers talk about their process or how they created their looks. Some designs are out there, and I usually love those designs the most. Spending so much time on the personal drama between the designers means less focus on the designs themselves.

The loss of L’Oréal to Mary Kay

Now I will say that I personally do not care to wear makeup, but I’m not a runway model. I am a former Mary Kay consultant, and I don’t have anything against their products. However, I think L’Oréal really finished off the models’ looks better. Maybe I am jaded by my personal experiences, but I think the overall looks were better with L’Oréal.

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The accessory wall is lame now

That accessory wall is supposed to help the designers complete their design vision, but it got so awful the designers often made their own accessories to go with their designs! They barely have enough time to execute their looks, let alone create a handbag or clutch to go with each outfit. The accessories were seriously lacking and they looked like something you would buy at Target, not something you would expect to see with a pricey design walking down the runway during Fashion Week.

Zac Posen is underwhelming

He is just not Michael Kors; and frankly, I feel he can be quite an ass. I had never even heard of him before he was a judge. He needs to leave the snarky to Nina García, who is far better at bringing the catty.

The prizes the winner gets suck now

I feel like the designers work so hard for so long, and they deserve some awesome prizes to launch their own lines. The models used to get I think $50,000 or so if they were the model for the winning designer. They have to wear those crazy, high fashion looks and I think they deserve something too. The designer still receives $100,000 to launch their line and the model gets to be in the Marie Claire fashion spread, but doesn’t get the money. Also, creating a “FingerPaints” nail color collection just seems lame and not worth their time when I am sure they’d rather be focusing their creative efforts on their clothing line.

So, there you have it. I feel like the show has gone downhill and maybe it is getting close to the end for Project Runway.

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