Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson's comments about today's women are so backward

Feb 25, 2016 at 2:19 a.m. ET
Image: A&E

What started out as an innocent battle of the sexes on the latest episode of Duck Dynasty turned into an opportunity for Phil Robertson to make another offensive claim. The Dynasty wives entered a friendly competition with their husbands, but apparently didn't live up to Phil's frog-hunting expectations. And he let everyone know how disappointed he was.

“These are subdivision girls. They aren’t country girls. Seems to be the way America is going these days,” Phil said as a way to show his disapproval of their behavior on the lake. At this point, I’m starting to wonder if he thinks offending people is what A&E is paying him for.

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Phil didn't explain exactly what he meant by his "subdivision" comment, but it's clear it wasn't meant as a compliment. He wasn't saying they were outstanding businesswomen, supportive mothers or adoring wives. He decided their value as human beings was determined solely by their ability to catch frogs at night.

You totally follow that logic, right?

Me neither.

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Of course, he didn’t make his condescending comment in front of the women. He waited until he was in the safety of his solo interview, because that’s the best way to make completely absurd comments. Unfortunately, none of the women acknowledged or corrected him through Twitter or any other social media platform, so this teachable moment probably passed right by him.

I know that he’s from an older generation and probably isn’t interested in expanding his mind to consider the feelings of people other than fellow straight men, but it seems like A&E could take some accountability here and edit out these offensive comments. It seems like the show’s producers would understand the difference between funny and sexist. But if tonight's episode is any indication, that's a very wrong assumption.

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What do you think? Does Phil Robertson take his judgments too far?

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