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Chrissy Teigen defends her right to choose her baby’s sex against haters

Chrissy Teigen showed us all why she is the queen of Twitter today when she defended herself against haters who thought it was appropriate to give their opinion on her baby. The new author talked to People about her struggle with infertility and the choice her and husband, John Legend, made to have a daughter instead of a son.

Teigen, who can’t help but be honest on her Twitter, tweeted that she was truly taken aback by people’s backlash. That was her first mistake — the Internet will always find something to be angry about. Especially those who follow her.

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There were some fans who genuinely didn’t know about IVF and asked innocent questions, to whom Teigen was happy to explain the entire process. She even called it “fascinating and wonderful.” But there were also people who accused her of “playing God” by deciding on a girl embryo instead of a boy embryo.

In true Teigen form, the model handled it by being funny and pointing out the ridiculousness of everyone’s outrage. Her best response of the night was definitely when she retweeted one hater’s comment and said, “Natural or ivf (sic), my daughter will never speak to another human like this.” Amen!

This is just another example in the long list of women who continue to be told what to do with their bodies. It shouldn’t go unnoticed that Legend isn’t getting the same hate spewed at him on Twitter. Whether it’s because he’s a man or he just isn’t as vocal on Twitter is unclear, but either way, no one should feel entitled to tell someone what to do with their body or their baby.

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It’s not just men trying to shame Teigen for her decision, either. Other women are chastising her. Just in case anyone reading this isn’t clear on whether or not they should support other women, the answer is (almost) always yes! There is definitely no need to seek out another woman just to make her feel bad about decisions relating to her pregnancy.

The good news is Teigen doesn’t need any help defending herself against ignorant hate online and is showing everyone exactly why she is so adored on Twitter.

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