Supernatural: Is the hand of God really the key to fighting The Darkness?

Feb 25, 2016 at 12:01 a.m. ET

Will the Winchester brothers ever figure out how to, as Dean puts it, shank The Darkness? Based on Wednesday's episode, which was mainly about wrestling, Dean living his wrestling fantasy (check out the GIFs below) and Misha Collins once again bringing his A-game as Casifer, Sam and Dean might need much more than the hand of God to fight Amara.

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While Sam and Dean were off having some amazing brotherly bonding moments by reliving their childhood at a Top Notch Wrestling match, Casifer was busy employing his minions of Hell to find another hand of God. As he told them, it's all about "ABC," aka "Always Be Closing." Basically, they need to close in on another weapon that was touched by God before Sam and Dean do.

However, before Casifer could get to one in time, Crowley stopped being his puppy and double-crossed the devil. That's right, the King of Hell is finally back. Crowley has a storage locker filled with all kinds of ancient goodies, including the rod of Aaron. This particular rod is so special because it belonged to Moses' brother and was also wielded by God on the sixth day.

Unfortunately, Crowley consumed its power to use on Casifer, which backfired. Not only did one of Crowley's former minions sacrifice herself for Casifer, but Crowley quickly learned that the hand of God is kicked after only one use. Why does it run out of juice after one time? It sure doesn't seem as powerful as it sounds.

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Please excuse this interruption to enjoy some GIFs of Dean from "Beyond the Mat," aka one of his best moments of all time.

Dean Winchester
Image: Tumblr
Dean Winchester
Image: Tumblr
Dean Winchester
Image: Tumblr

My apologies for the brief intermission, but wasn't it worth it? OK, back to shanking The Darkness and icing the devil business. As Sam, Dean and Casifer learned during last Wednesday's episode, the hand of God just might be the key to fighting Amara. Is it really? I mean, if any artifact touched by God is so powerful, shouldn't it last longer than it does?

That said, maybe that's the point. Can you imagine if all of the items touched by God had a ton of power, which anyone could get their hands on? Yeah, that wouldn't be good to have a God-like person waltzing around Earth. These weapons only having a small amount of God's powers is probably the best way to prevent someone from consuming too much of God's abilities.

If that is definitely the case, there still has to be a way around this. It seems like the hand of God wouldn't have been introduced if it wasn't somewhat important. Maybe there is some kind of loophole in gaining more power from the items? Or maybe only a certain type of individual can access the true power in each artifact? Whatever the case, I'm curious to learn more, just like I'm sure Sam and Dean are.

Wouldn't it be nice if God just showed his face and told the boys whatever they needed and wanted to know?

Supernatural returns Wednesday, March 23 at 9/8c on The CW.

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