Recovery Road: 4 clues we missed concerning the truth about Trish's daughter

Mar 1, 2016 at 1:00 a.m. ET
Image: ABC Family/Bob D’Amico

After spending last week building the flirtationship between Maddie and Wes, as well as a very strong love for the latter's grandma, Recovery Road came back this week with an episode so jaw-dropping that most fans will need at least a week to process it. "Heaven Backwards" revolved around the search for Trish's missing daughter Nevaeh, but, as the ending proved, nothing about Trish's life was what it seemed. 

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At the beginning of the episode, a sobbing Trish returns to the sober house, claiming that her mother had taken Nevaeh. A kidnapping is pretty shocking on its own, but that's hardly the bombshell of this episode. At the end of the episode it is revealed that not only did Trish's mother not kidnap Nevaeh, Trish's mother never had Nevaeh at all — because Trish's daughter doesn't actually exist.

If the ending completely blew you away, well, that was the point. Trish's delusion, which the show hints was likely a result of her meth use, fooled everyone in the sober house for months. That's not to say that the show didn't drop some major clues about the reality of Trish's situation — here are just a few things from the episode that hinted Nevaeh was a delusion all along.

1. Trish's drug delusion

Early in the episode, we saw Trish clawing at the walls in an apartment, truly believing that her boyfriend hid meth from her in the walls. She even pulled out the insulation as evidence, thinking it was meth. At the time, viewers assumed we were getting a flashback that showed why Nevaeh was taken in the first place, but in reality, it showed that Trish had a history of delusions.

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2. The principal meeting

The flashback in which Trish and her mother meet with the principal is surprisingly telling. In the scene, the principal insists that Trish's mother has her tested by a psychiatrist and put on medication. Though we do not know the real reason why the principal insisted on this, it's possible that Trish was suffering from delusions or hallucinations long before she took drugs and that the meth added to the issue.

3. The photo

This is how Maddie figured out that Trish was delusional, but savvy audience members may have caught on well before the Disneyland clue was revealed. Not only did the photo show a much older version of the submarine ride, but the girl in it looked a lot like the actress who played Trish in the flashback.

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4. Trish's reaction to the Xanax

It was so not cool of Maddie to give Trish any kind of drug, even if it was just a placebo that wouldn't have any real effect on her. Still, Trish's reaction to the fake Xanax said a lot about her mental state — she was very open to the power of suggestion and likely convinced herself that her daughter was alive.

What do you think really happened to Trish's daughter? Did she ever exist? Sound off in the comments below!