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NCIS: 7 reasons Tony and Jeanne don’t belong together

If NCIS fans aren’t shipping Tony DiNozzo with Ziva David, then there’s a good chance they want him to be with his Season 4 love, Jeanne Benoit. There’s no doubt they had a tumultuous relationship. From Tony meeting Jeanne while undercover (and investigating her arms dealer of a father) to Jeanne being heartbroken upon learning of his lies, to the two never really finding closure, they’ve definitely had their ups and downs.

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So, when it was announced that Scottie Thompson would be returning to Season 13 of NCIS, it caused quite the stir among viewers. Why is she coming back? Will she get back together with Tony? Those were just two of the many questions running through my mind after hearing the news.

Well, so far, she’s been featured in two episodes and has come in contact many times with Tony. Obviously, their meetings have been awkward and filled with tension, not to mention a clear attraction remains between them.

It’s unclear if Jeanne will pop up in future episodes. Plus, now that Michael Weatherly is exiting the series at the end of Season 13, I’m sure many are wondering if Tony and Jeanne will ride off into the sunset together. That could very well happen, but I’m hoping that’s not how Tony’s story ends.

Granted, I was never a fan of the Tony/Jeanne romance, which probably had a lot to do with the fact that I wanted Tony with Ziva, but Tony and Jeanne aren’t a match made in heaven and here’s why.

Tony and Jeanne
Image: Tumblr

1. Jeanne is married

First and foremost, Jeanne is married to a fellow doctor David Woods, who seems like a stand-up guy. Jeanne does look to be happy with David and vice versa. That’s not to say their marriage will last forever, but for right now it appears to be the right choice. I don’t think either Jeanne or Tony would make a move on each other while she is married. Also, since I don’t think she will leave David or Tony would ask her to leave him, Tony and Jeanne just aren’t meant to be.

2. It’s too late for them to move forward romantically

So much time has passed between these two and so much has happened that it wouldn’t be healthy for either of them to pursue something romantic. It’s best if they just forget the past and let one another move on with their lives.

3. Jeanne still hasn’t forgiven Tony

Will Jeanne ever truly be able to forgive Tony for lying to her about his identity and investigating her criminal father? Even in Season 13 she is still at odds over what he did, which proves that if they got together it wouldn’t be a great relationship.

Jeanne and Tony
Image: Tumblr

4. There are too many bad feelings

Similar to what I stated above, Jeanne has a lot of anger toward Tony. When someone feels so many bad feelings for another person, can a relationship truly work?

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5. Their story has already been told

Maybe I’m a bit biased here because of Ziva, but I believe there isn’t much else to tell when it comes to Tony and Jeanne. Their big romance came and went, not to mention they had their falling out and somewhat cordial reunion, so what else is there to tell? There isn’t much left to tell in Tony’s final moments and I sure hope NCIS doesn’t waste them with another Tony and Jeanne story line.

6. They’ve seemingly found closure

As showcased in Season 13’s “Loose Cannons” episode, Jeanne told Tony “goodbye.” That sure seems like these two have found a little bit of closure and are finally ready to move on from each other once and for all. If both Tony and Jeanne want to keep their lives whole and happy, then they should stick with this closure and go their separate ways for good.

Ziva David
Image: Tumblr
Tony DiNozzo
Image: Tumblr

7. One word: Tiva

Tony and Ziva, aka Tiva, need to be together. Before she left NCIS, Ziva’s final episode showcased the tight bond and obvious feelings both Ziva and Tony have for another. Now that Tony is leaving, here’s hoping he goes to be with Ziva or there is some hint that they will finally pursue a relationship.

There you have it. I will forever be Team Tiva.

NCIS airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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