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Miranda Lambert reportedly drives wedge between Gwen Stefani & Blake Shelton

Gwen Stefani’s romance with Blake Shelton might already be over, and it’s supposedly all Miranda Lambert’s fault.

A source told OK! magazine that Lambert heard through the grapevine that Stefani was saying some not-so-nice things about her, and decided to retaliate with some good old-fashioned mean-girl texts.

When Lambert heard that Stefani allegedly called her a “redneck harlot,” the insider said she was furious and searched out Stefani’s private cell phone number.

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Lambert began calling Stefani as many as four times a day, hoping to have it out with her.

“Gwen didn’t bother picking up because the calls were coming from an unknown number. But at some point, she got annoying and texted back, ‘Who is this, and how did you get my number?'” the source explained.

Lambert reportedly texted back immediately, telling Stefani who she was and calling her a home-wrecker, adding that Stefani was “lucky I don’t find you and kick you’re [sic] ass.”

She also threw in that Stefani’s career was over and her music has not “been relevant since the ’90s.”

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So how did this affect Stefani’s relationship with Shelton? You can blame it all on the baggage she carried from being allegedly cheated on by her own ex, Bush front man Gavin Rossdale.

“Gwen accused Blake of somehow letting her phone number slip to his ex,” the insider revealed.

“He told Gwen to calm down and tried to brush off the situation, explaining that it was just Miranda’s tough ‘country gal’ personality coming through, and that Gwen shouldn’t get too worked up about it,” the source continued, adding that Shelton was just trying to diffuse the situation because “he’s just the easiest-going guy on Earth.”

But Stefani wasn’t having it and immediately called the whole thing off.

Neither Stefani nor Shelton have commented on the rumors as of yet and while it’s quite a dramatic story, we’re a bit suspicious that it’s not true. What do you think?

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