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Teen Mom‘s Matt Baier’s tweets about Kailyn Lowry are downright cruel

Teen Mom‘s Amber Portwood and Kailyn Lowry may be best friends.

But that doesn’t mean Portwood’s fiancé, Matt Baier, has anything nice to say about Lowry.

Portwood and Baier began their romance after Baier, a Teen Mom superfan, spent months hitting on her and her co-star, Farrah Abraham, on Twitter. But one star of the show was left out of the love: Lowry. Radar Online dug up some of the tweets Baier posted about Lowry, and they are downright mean.

While watching episodes of Teen Mom OG years ago, Baier insulted Lowry’s appearance over and over. “Kailyn’s face breaks my TV,” he tweeted in 2014.

And that’s not all he had to say. He tweeted about Lowry again, writing, “The worst thing that ever happened to high definition is Kailyn’s face #DAMN.”

As if that’s not mean enough, he even used Kailyn’s looks to slam fellow Teen Mom Jenelle Evans, writing, “[Jenelle Evans] is a good mom like Kailyn is good looking.”

In other tweets, he wrote that the camera must add “110lbs” because Lowry’s head looks like “the size of the Snoopy balloon at the Macys parade [sic].” Another read, “What was the topic of Kailyn’s book? how to bang ugly dudes, cheat in a shower and have my face always look like I’m allergic to shellfish?”, bashing Lowry over when she cheated on her ex-boyfriend, Jordan Wenner, with another ex, Jo Rivera.

Baier’s tweets are protected from public view, but Radar Online reports that he also used Twitter to hit on Farrah Abraham before becoming engaged to Portwood.

“I think they should do a Teen Mom beauty pageant,” he wrote. “Although [Abraham] would win in a landslide.” In another tweet directed at Abraham, he wrote, “Forget online dating. I’d be honored to take u out [sic].”

Are you surprised by Matt Baier’s shady online past?

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