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Kate Hudson reveals the one decision that changed her life

Kate Hudson is one of those people who always looks genuinely happy. It might be the fact that she has a wildly successful career or that she is effortlessly beautiful, but whatever it is, I want it. Luckily for me and all of us, Hudson has identified the one major key to success in her new book Pretty Happy.

Hudson’s new book, which she is currently promoting right now, outlines helpful tips for fully loving your body and creating the best life possible. But when she was asked what one thing she practiced that really gave her results, the actress pointed to daily meditation.

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According to E! News, she told the crowd at her Los Angeles book signing, “You know this is the first time I’d say a year in a half of my life that I actually meditated every day. I made it a real clear decision to do that and to see the benefits. The results are amazing.”

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It’s hard to imagine what exactly she needed to improve in her life, but I will try whatever she recommends. Hudson went on to say, “Anybody who’s ever really started a mindfulness practice recognizes when it starts to become a part of your routine and practice that it’s really amazing.”

And it isn’t just her mind that is seeing the results. The meditation helps her with acceptance of her body and her choices so she won’t punish herself for splurging on a trip to In-N-Out every once in a while. If that happens, she just jumps right back into her workout routine the next day. Making sure she gives herself the flexibility to enjoy life and not confine herself to one way of living has added to the benefits of her mindful meditation.

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I wanna know if you practice daily meditation. Tell me if you see any awesome benefits like Kate Hudson!

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