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Dance Moms‘ Maddie Ziegler no longer Abby Lee Miller’s favorite

The featured group routine on this week’s episode of Dance Moms highlighted the seven sins, but according to viewers, Abby Lee Miller is guilty of them all. Many believe that envy was on full display this evening, with Miller turning on a successful young dancer who was once her obvious favorite.

Favoritism has been a central theme on Dance Moms from the very beginning, with Maddie Ziegler benefiting greatly from receiving Abby Lee Miller’s positive attention. If, even a few weeks ago, anybody had suggested that Ziegler might one day not be Miller’s favorite, the response would have been incredulity. But now, it looks like Miller has moved on to new favorites. Could her odd behavior be prompted by jealousy?

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Miller certainly isn’t as interested in Ziegler’s accomplishments as she once was, although this could be attributed to her having so much going on in her personal life. During tonight’s episode, Miller upset Ziegler’s mom by failing to watch a video of her once-favorite student on Ellen. She then critiqued Ziegler heavily during practice. Given how often she used to compliment Ziegler, this was very surprising.

Dance Moms
Image: Lifetime

The case could be made that the moms are never happy, for, while they’ve previously taken issue with Ziegler’s special treatment, they were not pleased to see Miller turning on her former favorite. Several viewers pointed this out during tonight’s episode. Others echoed the moms’ sentiments about Miller merely being jealous of her most successful student.

Miller always claims that there’s a method to her madness, and at the end of tonight’s episode, she stated that she pushed Ziegler extra hard so that she would step up her game and lead the ALDC to victory. This approach may have worked, but at what cost? And what, exactly, did skipping Ziegler’s Ellen performance have to do with pushing her toward victory?

Maddie Ziegler
Image: Lifetime

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It’s definitely important for Ziegler to continue to receive critiques, especially as she spends more and more of her time away from the studio. However, it’s sad to see her former mentor suddenly act so distant. Instead of spreading the love she has for Ziegler to all of her other students, Miller has merely decided to be cruel to yet another member of her team.

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Do you think Abby Lee Miller is jealous of Maddie Ziegler? Comment and share your opinion below.

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