Wendy Williams’ opinion on Kesha’s sexual assault is irresponsible (VIDEO)

Wendy Williams has delivered her controversial opinion on the Kesha sexual assault lawsuit decision, and what she says is incredibly dangerous for rape victims everywhere.

Williams said on her show that she believes the judge’s ruling, which basically forces Kesha to work with a man she says drugged and raped her or else totally give up her career, is “fair” and that if Kesha wanted to prove she was raped she should have filmed her attack.

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“Unfortunately business is business, and it sounds like it’s fair. If everybody complained because somebody allegedly sexually abused them… contracts would be broken all the time… Kesha’s no spring chicken. I mean she’s, like, 30 years old… so she wasn’t stupid 10 years ago and neither was her mother when the sexual abuse — alleged sexual abuse —started. Why weren’t they rolling camera on it?”

Let’s break this down. First, by saying, “If everybody complained because somebody allegedly sexually abused them… contracts would be broken all the time,” Williams is implying that any woman who wants to be a part of the music industry must accept that sexual abuse will be part and parcel of their career and should just suck it up and take it.

Second, she mentions Kesha’s age like one’s level of maturity has anything to do with someone’s ability to slip you drugs and rape you. Implying a woman can’t be assaulted if she is old enough to “know better” is a blatant example of irresponsible victim-blaming.

And then there is the absolute topper of them all: If Kesha was really raped, she — and even her mother — should have known it was going to happen ahead of time and made arrangements to videotape it.

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So, according to Williams, we should call up our psychic friends daily to see if there is any kind of sexual assault coming up and, if so, make sure cameras are set up anywhere it could possibly occur — or at the very least, have our moms hide somewhere to record it with their iPhone.

“It’s so easy,” Williams added, “boys are so stupid. If you’re sexually abusing us it’s so easy to catch you.”

It’s so easy to catch an attacker that only two out of 10 rapists will ever serve time, according to RAINN.org.

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Williams’ opinion on the case was slammed on Twitter.

Williams has not discussed how she is perpetuating rape culture by espousing such victim-blaming ideals.