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Gigi Hadid’s photos are actually Photoshopped — and fans have noticed (PHOTOS)

Gigi Hadid’s fans have seen hundreds, maybe thousands, of photographs of her in recent years. So it’s no surprise they’ve taken to analyzing the model’s photos — and they’ve picked up on something surprising.

As Us Weekly reports, Hadid’s characteristic moles have been removed from most of her cover and print shoots. Hadid herself seems fine with the markings, as she shared a stomach-baring selfie of herself that showed them off. But brands from Vogue to Victoria’s Secret have banished the moles from their pages, to varying degrees. We knew we had to have abs to appear on the cover of Vogue Paris. Now we can’t even have beauty marks?

Here’s Hadid, not giving a damn about her moles. (Beauty Rule No. 1: When your smoky eye looks good, nothing else matters.)

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Now compare that with her Vogue China cover, where every single mole is missing.

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit at least left Hadid with a few signature marks.

…Which means that Hadid’s evil, mole-free twin must have been the one who appeared in Sports Illustrated last year?

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Fans are calling out Hadid’s Photoshoppers and encouraging the model to bare her natural skin in her shoots.

A fan wrote on her Vogue Paris Instagram, saying, “Don’t let them remove your beauty spots on your body! @gigihadid. Another chimed in on her Vogue China cover, “Where’s her stomach moles lol,” which got a response from another commenter, “Victoria’s secret does that too! Is that ok? No.”

Hadid has yet to comment on the fans’ outcry.

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