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Dr. Luke tweets about Kesha rape case, insisting the ‘truth will prevail’

There has been overwhelming support for Kesha following a judge’s decision to deny her release from her Sony contract with Dr. Luke — despite allegations that he was emotionally, mentally and sexually abusive toward her.

But now it’s Dr. Luke’s turn to break his silence on the lawsuit, and he did so with a lengthy speech about how the truth will prevail.

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On Monday, Lukasz Sebastian “Dr. Luke” Gottwald took to Twitter to share his thoughts on the lawsuit, and insisted that he did not rape Kesha.

Dr. Luke first admitted he does not like to tweet about things that should be dealt with in court, but he would like to address some issues, namely that Kesha reportedly “denied under oath” the allegations against him.

Dr. Luke then addressed the claims that he reportedly raped Lady Gaga.

And he took aim at Kesha’s lawyer, Mark Geragos, for only pretending to care about women’s rights.

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Before addressing the rape claims, which he insisted are not true, he added that he has many women in his life, including a “feminist mom.”

Dr. Luke then turned the attention to his relationship with Kesha, explaining that they had many creative differences, and it’s “sad” that she would allegedly turn their contract negotiations into something “untrue,” he said.

As a parting thought, Dr. Luke explained he feels confident that the “lies will be exposed.”

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Kesha has not personally responded (at least publicly) to Dr. Luke’s tweets, and since it is an ongoing legal investigation, it’s unlikely that she will. However, around the same time as the tweets appeared, Lady Gaga linked out to a thought-provoking piece on Dazed Digital, which discusses how the “ruling to keep Kesha hostage despite allegations of abuse is a sign that we value the needs of corporations over human life.”

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