Kyle Richards picks sides in the Kim Richards, Lisa Rinna feud

Kyle Richards isn’t known for making waves on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. In fact, she’s usually the one trying to solve the issues between her castmates. But there is one particular topic that always stirs up strong emotions, and that is her sister, Kim Richards. So when Lisa Rinna decided to start talking about Kim, it was only a matter of time before Kyle weighed in.

It all started when Rinna visited with Kathryn Edwards and immediately jumped into the topic of Kim’s relapse and struggle with addiction. Rinna tries to play off her gossip as concern, but she stirs the pot way too much for anyone to believe she’s doing anything but trying to squeeze in a few more minutes of airtime.

Kyle opened up on her blog about how the constant gossip about her sister affects her and her relationship with Rinna. “Things got uncomfortable when the subject of my sister Kim came up. I don’t like to hear Lisa Rinna speak against my sister. It bothers me that she claims to have such empathy for anyone who suffers from addiction and then says terrible things about Kim,” she wrote.

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Kyle, ever the peacemaker, says that she did her best to keep calm, but some lines just shouldn’t be crossed. She continued to explain, “I have tried to keep the situation between Rinna and Kim separate from our friendship. However, she tends to bring it up again and again making that difficult.”

She concluded by saying, “I understand she is entitled to her feelings, but there is a time and place. If she cared about our friendship at all, it wouldn’t be with me sitting right there while saying such hurtful remarks about Kim as well as in her interviews.”

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For Rinna’s part, she wrote on her blog, “The conversation at lunch moves on to past events that really don’t need to be discussed AGAIN. For God’s sake, we have already rehashed the situation that went down with Kyle’s sister a million different ways, and all of you know just how touchy it is for our group.”

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Sounds like an argument from someone who doesn’t want to take accountability. On the other hand, Kyle could be making more of the situation because it is a subject so personal to her.

What do you think? Are you on Team Kyle or Team Lisa?

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