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6 Reasons former B&B star Kim Matula is perfect for UnREAL

Season 2 of UnREAL just got even juicier, after the news was announced last week that former The Bold and the Beautiful star Kim Matula is joining the cast as a series regular. She will play one of the ladies competing for the latest bachelor on the series’ fictional dating show, “Everlasting.”

Matula is perfectly cast for this Lifetime show because her five-year stint as Hope Logan on the CBS daytime drama prepared her well. On UnREAL, she will play Tiffany, a stunning and privileged daughter of a professional football team owner.

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Here are the reasons why we are excited for the actress to dig into this part.

1. The drama

Any TV fan who saw Season 1 of UnREAL knows that every single minute of “Everlasting” is manipulated drama — it’s just like a soap opera. Matula should feel right at home with the tears, the laughter and the cat fights.

2. The romance

On B&B, her character, Hope, had her share of romances, with a failed engagement to Liam and a turbulent marriage to Wyatt. She will be able to slide right into the role of a young woman vying for a man’s attention on UnREAL. Hopefully her new character is luckier in love than Hope was.

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3. The love scenes

She’s had her share of bedroom scenes on The Bold and the Beautiful, so any saucy moment on her new Lifetime show should be a piece of cake.

4. The dialogue

Most reality dating shows require the use of words like “love,” “journey” and “forever.” This scene is from B&B back in December 2014, but it could have easily come straight from the script of UnREAL.

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5. Because… Texas

Matula was born and raised in Texas where football is king. On Season 2 of the parody show, she will be playing the daughter of a football team owner who is trying to court a professional football player. This should be a walk in the park for the actress, because a good Texas gal can walk and talk all of the sports lingo.

6. Primetime opportunity

While soap fans have been hoping the young actress would return to her daytime role, she left the CBS show to pursue more primetime opportunities. That time is now and Matula is going to shine on UnREAL. She’s worked hard to get here and the show is going to deliver more saucy scenes for her to sink her teeth into.

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