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8 clues The X-Files Season 2 is on the horizon

The X-Files season finale left fans screaming at their televisions in shock — but maybe the cliffhanger ending is the biggest clue yet that the show is far from over.

Warning: Spoilers ahead!

Now that our hearts are beating again, let’s talk about that X-Files season finale. After the most jam-packed (and germ-infused) episode of its brief return season, tonight’s The X-Files ended not with answers, but with even more questions than we had going in.

The finale started with Scully describing her past, mirroring Mulder’s opening sequence in this season’s first episode. Things quickly spiraled out of control, however, when a global pandemic initiated by the Smoking Man kicked into high gear, sending everyone to the hospital. The show’s new conspiracy nut, Tad O’Malley (played by Joel McHale), managed to break the story (which involved vaccines and chem-trails turning off everyone’s immune systems) before Scully found a cure.

So much got packed into the finale, it felt like it could have been a couple episodes instead of just one. Reactions on Twitter were intense, with audiences bemoaning the show’s rapid-fire pace and unresolved ending. But we’re pretty sure Chris Carter has just ensured The X-Files will be back, and here’s why.

1. Mulder’s on the verge of death

X-Files Mulder
Image: Fox Broadcasting Co.

The X-Files is nothing without Fox Mulder, and ending the season with his life in jeopardy is practically a guarantee the show will be returning — the only question is, will it return as a movie or as another season? With the success of the series’ return, we’re hoping for another season.

2. Where’s William?

Image: Fox Broadcasting Co.

The finale ends with Mulder so close to death’s door that Scully’s vaccine might not be enough. Sure, it’s a little strange that she can tell just by looking at him that he needs stem cells (maybe a case of too much plot needing to fit into too few minutes), but the result is that Scully now has another reason to go looking for their son.

The whole season has been teasing a William/Mulder/Scully reunion, so the fact that it didn’t happen feels incredibly unsatisfying. But now that Mulder’s life hangs in the balance, it might just be the push Scully needs to track their child down. How fast she’ll be able to locate him, though, is a whole different question for a whole new season.

3. Everyone’s sick

Sure, Scully made a cure out of her own alien DNA, but there’s no way it’s going to be widely available in time to save the world. With multitudes of people dying of common and not-so-common ailments all over the world and only a few bags of Scully’s cure in D.C., the show’s got a lot of loose ends to wrap up.

4. Smoking Man needs to be punished

Smoking Man X-Files
Image: Fox Broadcasting Co.

Seeing Mulder hold a gun to Smoking Man’s smug, greedy, evil head was incredibly satisfying… but the fact that he didn’t pull the trigger means the villain is still on the loose and in need of punishment. Sure, it’s hard to believe he survived the first series finale, but with the soul of a cockroach, Smoking Man is obviously invincible. We need more episodes of The X-Files so Mulder can eventually give the villain the punishment he deserves.

5. Alien spacecraft in Washington, D.C.

We’ve seen aliens and spacecraft many times in The X-Files‘ history, but never in a populated area. It’s always been just Mulder, Scully and maybe Skinner, plus some conspiracy wing-nut, who witness alien activity. Not this time! The finale ended with a UFO hovering above Scully, Mulder, Miller and a bridge full of panicked citizens.

6. Miller and Einstein are starting to believe

Gillian Anderson, Lauren Ambrose and Robbie Amell in The X-Files
Image: Fox Broadcasting Co.

Audiences may not be in favor of a reboot with Miller and Einstein, but the two new agents are starting to believe, and that means we need more episodes to see exactly how their story arcs play out alongside Mulder and Scully.

7. David Duchovny is practically promising it’s going to happen

David Duchovny Facebook
Image: David Duchovny’s Facebook Page

During a Facebook Q&A after the finale, David Duchovny gave fans a very big tease that The X-Files will be returning… he even used a winky face!

8. I want to believe

Gillian Anderson X-Files

But perhaps the biggest indicator that the show might return is all the fan love egging Duchovny, Anderson and show creator Chris Carter on. Audiences tuning in to the revival in epic numbers can’t be ignored. And with the finale leaving fans in the lurch, you can bet they’ll be demanding Fox renew The X-Files for yet another nail-biting season.

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