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The Biggest Loser twins show that weight loss doesn’t equal congeniality

For many reality competitions, the person who wins ultimately is the most popular among fans. On The Biggest Loser, however, this is often not the case. This season’s champs weren’t all that popular, but that didn’t prevent them from dropping the most weight.

Season 17 of The Biggest Loser featured a very interesting cast that, unfortunately, wasn’t always very likable. People took delight in saying “Bye, Felicia” all season, but ultimately, most viewers knew that Felicia Buffkin wasn’t destined to win the show. From the beginning of the season, however, it seemed very likely that a Hernandez brother would emerge victorious. Not only did the twins manage to take home a victory for their family, they snagged a double championship!

Biggest Loser Before
Image: NBC

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Although Luis was sent home early, he seemed like a good bet for the at-home version of the competition. By the time he was eliminated, he’d already lost quite a bit of weight. Of course, prior weight loss is no guarantee of continued healthy habits at home. But the change of scenery didn’t seem to negatively impact Luis, who lost a total of 139 pounds. And the loss of a brother didn’t stop Roberto from losing weight either. If anything, his brother’s departure served as a motivating factor. By the end of the competition, Roberto had shed a whopping 160 pounds.

Biggest Loser After
Image: NBC

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Roberto and Luis should have been this season’s most inspiring story, but their double victory actually upset several Biggest Loser viewers. Many took issue with the alleged negative attitude these two demonstrated throughout the entirety of Season 17. This negativity was most evident when Roberto referred to Felicia Buffkin as the weakest competitor. Most of Roberto and Luis’ haters begrudgingly acknowledged the twins’ accomplishments, but a few actually thought that the competition was rigged.

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Not everybody took issue with Luis and Roberto’s victories. Several found the pair very inspiring, in spite of their occasional bouts of negativity. This viewpoint was not heavily represented on Twitter, but there were a few supportive tweets among all the complaints.

No matter what you think of Luis and Roberto’s attitude, it’s impossible to deny that they’ve worked hard and accomplished a great deal. They are the ultimate proof that The Biggest Loser is not a popularity contest.

Were you happy to see Roberto and Luis Hernandez win The Biggest Loser? Or would you have preferred to see the season end with a different pair of victors? Comment and share your opinion below.

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