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Why Vanderpump Rules is the most fun reality show ever made

Tabitha Willette

I watch a ton of reality TV. I love it all, but the one show I can’t wait to see every week is Vanderpump Rules, which really does have something for everyone.

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The series features a bunch of 20-something- to 30-something-year-olds who still party and have real-life problems. Between too much drinking, pill addiction, cheating and guys you really should stay away from, it’s one hour of pure entertainment each week.

1. Lisa Vanderpump

Lisa Vanderpump
Image: Giphy

With Lisa, you have not just the true meaning of class but beauty, brains and a sense of humor. This is truly a woman we should all hope to become. She treats her employees right, pays them well and really cares about them. She also runs multiple businesses, as you will see in the show, and still keeps her calm and composure when stuff goes wrong — all while looking fantastic.

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2. Stassi Schroeder

Stassi Schroeder
Image: Giphy

We have watched for years as she has been cheated on, while her friends did not believe her. Stassi has had birthdays ruined, her friends betray her — and more. Through it all, everyone told her she was in the wrong. Most of us can understand why she picked up and left and didn’t look back. But now she is indeed back and ready to reclaim her friends and have a little fun.

3. The rest of the cast

Vanderpump Rules cast
Image: Michael Tullberg/Getty Images

Unlike most reality-TV shows, the cast — except for Vanderpump — was relativity unknown. They were not the kids of stars or married to athletes. This was a bunch of kids who let us into their everyday lives. If you watch just a single episode of Vanderpump Rules, you will see they don’t hide a thing. From Jax on the toilet to Tom planning his engagement, there’s nothing off limits. You get to see everything that was special — and not so special — about these people. They aren’t worried about what they should and should not say or do in front of the camera; they just let life roll and have fun with it.

As reality TV goes, this show is the best. If you ever wondered what life was like for your kids in college or just want to remember what your life was like before kids and mortgages, you have to watch. Between people being slapped, getting drinks thrown in their faces and stealing $300 sunglasses — come on, Jax, you are better than that! — this show will entertain and leave you wanting more.

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